février 8, 2021

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ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL is a Burkina Faso law company, created on June 7, 2019 specializing in the distribution of Burkina Faso’s vintage products and all speculations in the agri-food sector in general. It makes every effort to rigorously select the best local producers in order to provide its customers with good quality products that meet international standards and at prices that defy all competition.

ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL is resolutely committed to the promotion of organic and certified products. To do this she works several with associations of women’s groups in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast for the production of organic agricultural speculations.

For the supply of organic sesame ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL works in collaboration with the GIE BIOPROTECT B certified EOS by ECOCERT which is a group made up of more than 2171 certified organic sesame producers several production areas of the Burkina region. Sesame is exported to France.

For the supply of shea butter, ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL can count on the Union of Cooperative Societies Buud Nooma certified NOP by ECOCERT which is a large association composed of 1327 women specialized in the production of organic shea butter. This association has existed for more than twenty years and has been a premium on several occasions for the quality of the shea butter produced. It mainly exports to Senegal and France

For supply outside Burkina Faso, ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL is in collaboration with MALABRO Farm MALABRO which is a certified organic farm.

The laAFI ZANGA women’s association certified BIO EOS and NOP by Ecocert specializes in the cultivation and transformation of Organic Moringa into powder, oil. Moringa produced by this association is mainly exported to the Netherlands and Canada

All these speculations are rigorously followed by experts certified by ECOCERT SA.

The vision of ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL is to contribute to the development by offering healthy products, very good qualities within the reach of all companies both locally and internationally. It also contributes to poverty reduction, particularly to the promotion of women by encouraging women’s labour and mass employment overall. Through international opportunities, it contributes to significantly improving the incomes of these women and to enhancing their day-to-day work.


–          Sesame: 1000 tons a year

–          Shea butter: 500 tons a year

–          Moringa leaves: 200 tons a year

–          Moringa powder: 200 tons a year

ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL also distributes special products at customer demand.


We price quality in our distribution process, so we distribute products from eco-certified organic cooperatives by ECOCERT.


To date, ELPIS DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL goes beyond Burkina Faso’s borders, exporting by sea, land and air to various international destinations.

We transcend all trade barriers to offer you the best of production. Customer satisfaction is our reward.



Telephone: (226) 68 63 68 68 / 71 63 68 68

Email: info@elpisdis.com

Site: www.elpisdis.com


Location: ZAD Ouagadougou